Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The nice thing about looking like Orson Welles did in the middle act of CITIZEN KANE, is that I don't have to end up looking like he does in the tragic ending of the third act. ~ And that goes for you too Mel Gibsin. ~ Just think of the possibilities. ~ Right now I AM is at the perfect age to start making my choice of Orson Welles remakes and sequals; starting from the end. ~ And then working backwards through his vast independent film catalogue to the beginning of his career in Chicago. ~ Kind of like Hugh Grant is now at the perfect age to do a really ripe package deal of sequels to FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL:II&III. ~ "In the end, everything will be restored to how it was in the beginning." Jesus Christ. ~ Dude, think about it. ~ You make millions in your two picture deal that mostly takes place in Scotland. ~ Where half of the time the writers and directors are sitting around scratching their asses as you go golfing. ~ GSR/TWN ~

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