Thursday, July 6, 2017


This prophetic 1963 comedy opens with a 50ish same age looking pregnant Kathy Griffin being choufered up to the [CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM] in front of the TRUMP TOWER in NYC. ~ And before it ends with the same 4th of July fireworks and trumpet score from the beginning; the Jewish Ms Griffin has become bapitised and born again by President Trump's " and honest approach..." to politics. ~ When she has her REV.12 baby in the back of a high society limo at the 58th Street bridge; all wrapped up in a late EXTRA EXTRA edition of THE NEW YORK TIMES. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FLASH NOTES: I got my flash vision for this 1963 TWILIGHT ZONE picture on 7.4. ~ Ergo, the white people get saved from Carl Reiner's Jewish Nazi SS figure. ~ And their innocent little children get a SHAMPOO job that takes the filthy public school stink out of their hair. ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Jesus also had lots of children with his three wives. ~ The apple never falls that far from the [genealogy] tree. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: More Utah Mormonism, less Angelical Papalism. ~ Dude, you have been married three times to three very good women. ~ So why throw the REV.12 baby out with the bath water?

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