Saturday, July 1, 2017


After that crazy negro doctor shot all those crazy white Jewish doctors at the BRONX-LEBANON HOSPITAL, the ultra powerful USS GEORGE BUSH dropped anchor just south of the Lebanon line for a little 4TH OF JULY R&R in Israel, per: ~ Probably within the very hour that the niggers started firing at each other at a FINESE 2TYMES gig at the POWER ULTRA LOUNGE in the Clinton's Little Rock, Ark landmark of the desecrated 1290 days ark, etc. ~ Since the 'GSI' rap mix group is based out of Memphis, Egypt, USA, yada yada. ~ And the winding muddy Mississippi River is the same river that flows through the heart of [Nauvoo Temple] Zion in DANIEL 12. ~ And today's LDS temples are now desecrated by the fake Egyptian priesthood of the sons of Ham. ~ And people who only eat white bread ham sandwiches tend to have bipolar babies that are not emotionally stable. ~ GSR/TWN ~ POWER POINT NOTES: The once very powerful NYT has been finessing and rewriting and rehashing their fake news Russian conspiracy points for so long that most of white bread America is no longer buying it anymore. ~ Of course, most of the white Jews are still buying it and rereading it. ~ Because they get it. ~ And they love to stick it to Ephraim. ~ "I'll have the past/rami with [white] mayonaise on white bread." ANNIE HALL, 1976. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Your wildest late night acting career dreams will soon be confirmed by that amazing Orson Welles look alike character sitting on the front row at the YOUNG VIC. ~ For instance, Rod Serling often used various bit actors who looked like him in his THE TWILIGHT ZONE series. ~ Like the psychiatrist in PARALLEL who was a forerunner to my antihero psychrist in the HANNIBALL series. ~ As just confirmed by your latest INSTAGRAM of you hugging that negro [HAIRSPRAY] look alike doctor who shot all of those Jewish NYT reader assholes up in the Bronx. ~ PS NATALIE PORTMAN: There is a Providential reason why the Israelites have white skin, and the gentiles tend to have darker skin and brown eyes.~ Not always, but most of the time; Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen being the exception that proves the rule. ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: President Trump's tweets are what will get that [1960s era MAD MAGAZINE] dirty CNN Jew CEO fired. ~ "Please cease and disist from sending any further of your GSR/TWN reports to the offices of MAD MAGAZINE." Quoting verbatim the iconic Jewish magazine's lawyer, circa 1996; who was probably the publisher's Jewish brother-in-law. ~

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