Friday, June 30, 2017


The sudden huuuge wave of copy editor firings at the NYT happened during my latest two weeks notice postings about America's Jewish problem in the media. ~ As confirmed by those 16 bombs that have landed in the Golan Heights of Israel at the same time, at: ~ Meaning President Trump's native Highlands of Scotland are saturated with the blood of the lost tribes of Israel. ~ Ergo, the host of THE GONG SHOW has a physically transfigured portrait of Queen Elizabeth and an African safari hunters hat on display in the background. ~ Just for shits and giggles. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DIRTY HARRY NOTES: Every tweet from no.45 is another .45 bullet to the head of the aggressive and threatening 666 beast in REV.13 San Francisco. ~ And I say this in full acknowledgement that no.44 was also a pretty damn good pistol swinger himself; per BLAZING SADDLES meets HIGH ANXIETY meets YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN: II ~ Anywho, Donald Trump's preternatural looking young trophy wife is from eastern Europe. ~ And before it's all over after 8 crazy years, all of his proverbial "exwives in Texas" will have moved into his own private Nixonion Western White House out in California; a.k.a. THE PLAYBOY MANSION. ~ Think SHAMPOO meets CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND meets CAR WASH. ~ All is well that ends well. ~

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