Saturday, June 17, 2017


The USS FITZGERALD got T-boned real good in the night because the US Navy of Sodom and Egypt had just named their latest destroyer after that REV.17 WHORE OF BABYLON woman in DANIEL 2, named Gabriel Gifford, at: ~ Who personifies everything that is flat out wrong and evil about America today. ~ And therefore she must be destroyed. ~ Which is exactly why Jesus has informed his square pants [Mr.Anderson] type prophets at er al among the lost tribes of Israel that they better start putting on the righteous messianic end of the world armor of g-d. ~ Rather than spend another trillion in vain on some high-tech battle ship. ~ Therefore America's DAVIDIAN servant has retreated to Camp David on this gay pride weekend to ask Jesus if now is the right time to give those corrupt Democrat Party media New York Jews at the DOJ their TWO WEEKS NOTICEs; or should he just wait until the actual 14 days are up and ask them to vacate their desks on that very day. ~ I shit you not. ~ God caused Donald Trump's most famous reality TV mighty line to be, "YOU'RE FIRED!!" for a Providential reason. ~ 👑 ~ Jesus Christ on TV!! ~ Imagine the ratings. ~ And I will even bet that the NYT would see an uptick in their street rack sales at STARBUCKS, etc. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HACKED PENTAGON PERSONALE FILE NOTES: Those US soilders just got shot in the back by one of their own because their stupid fuck back-stabbing Republican Party [pro military] leaders in Washington, DC are still stonewalling the truth about Seth Rich getting shot in the back. ~ Because the Jew fink had just given all of those shameful anti Bernie Sanders DNC emails to WIKILEAKS that caused Hillary to lose the election in 2016. ~ MAD MAGAZINE NOTES: So many creeps out there, so little time. ~ Hang in there guys and be patient. ~ I AM is going to get around to dealing with you too pretty soon. ~ 69 weeks is enought time to get a lot of deals done if one stays focused; and the big money is right of course... ~ I AM was not born on a chichen farm in Texas. ~ PS BILL COSBY: Good for you. ~ You got away with drugging and fucking all of those willing and ugly looking middle aged white women. ~ I myself should be so lucky. ~ PS PAUL GARRISON: Fly-fishing Pilchuch Creek in late August, early September, using a no.14 yellow professor for the stream's lazy pool eastern brooktrout in the 7-9" range, is for purist trout fishing white men only. ~ Like at for example at: ~ "The white man is lazy..." Ralph the racist KKK roofing contractor calling into the Howard Stern show from Mississippi on a regular basis; circa 1993-96. ~

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