Monday, June 26, 2017


When no.112's gospel of Paul figure comes into sharp focus on the time machine's monitor, we can clearly see a future Mel Gibson who is dealing with the exact same WW:I-II-III issues that are portrayed in his latest movie at: ~ Complete with thematic one sheet artwork that resembles Paul's cloudy [McLeod] time-travel motif. ~ Which is enlighted up later in the story when the elixir's medicine-wheel wagon gets loose and burns down the corrupt public education school of Sodom and Egypt on the 1260 days anniversary of the two witnesses in REV.11,12,13-17... yada yada. ~ Which in fact stands in for that little 1900 public school in Oso, Washington; located right next to Deer Creek. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MS SIRE US: "A man and a woman have different walks in life." Jesus Christ himself at ~ "Vive le difference!" 400 BLOWS. ~ SAFE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TIPS: Looking for a cosy little mountain cabin retirement spot? ~ Try the Darrington, Washington area, at: ~ Where for just a little over $250,000 you can get a nice little two room cabin out in the woods that has a great wood stove and a little steelhead trout smoke house out in back. ~ And when the Nazis Vs. the Commies shit hits the fan in downtown Seattle; it will feel like it is all happening a million miles away on some far out distant PLANET 9 FROM OUTER SPACE 666 science movie plot. ~ Plus, Washington State still has no income tax. ~

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