Saturday, June 3, 2017


After Larry David splits the 1260 days scene in THE BARD, his former over enthusiastic partner Jeff Garlin introduces us the historic civil war characters of the future in REV.12 meets REV.16. ~ When it will finally be proven that some secret masonic society is still hiding the truth about the Russians orchestrating the 2016 election defeat of Hillary Clinton. ~ And the plain truth will come out about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate and stolen SS number. ~ Which that tall dark and handsome Jewish FBI guy, and that short black skinned nergo woman at the DOJ, had been hiding from us for the past 9 years. ~ Not to mention that Alfred Hithcock look alike Roger Ailes. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROSIE: Your typical MOTHER OF WHORES figure died on St Patrick's Day for a sign from God that the black Irish snakes of Sodom and Egypt will return to the green island of the leprechauns. ~ Think Jeff Bezos as the half human, half computer, marred servant villain in LEP:4. ~ And Woody Allen plays his Jewish kiss ass Nazi science lab 666 assistant. ~ No wonder the rebel versus patriot violence in North Ireland has stopped. ~ What is there left to suffer and die for today? ~ So that your precious little innocent redheaded children can attend the public schools that brainwash them with the dark arts of Satan? ~ Not on my watch. ~

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