Friday, June 23, 2017


The paper's circulation is way down in the prophetic PRINTER'S DEVIL episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, circa 2017. ~ So it's very understandable how the agnostic and suicidal James Comey look alike editor in no.111 would be tempted to turn to the devil as a last resort. ~ Which is pretty much what everyone else is doing now on the left. ~ Think Johnny Depp is as financially bankrupt as the rest of them. ~ Therefore, the DNC er all have sold their soul to the devil. ~ Ergo, today's America of the abomination of desolation now owes the 666 devil himself around 20 $trillion$ and counting; with no end in sight; starting with Depp's [pronounced like debt] adopted home state of Illinois. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JEWISH PSYCHOLOGY NOTES: Woody Allen's BLUE JASMINE movie was a very special "open audition" prelude to me fucking my final choice of barely legal hot underaged teenagers on Michael Savage's twin VOLVO in Marin County. ~ When you become the physically transfigured King of England, you get to have pretty much whatever you want, like at: ~ AND: ~ "In America, you can have anything that you want. If you work hard enough for it." Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1985. ~

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