Thursday, June 15, 2017


Talk radio's old faithful patriot hero Michael Savage said that "We are at a boiling point." on Tuesday. ~ Then the next day, YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK's federal authorities reported that a 21 year-old man from North Carolina tripped up and fell into a boiling pot of stinky sulfur springs water near the OLD FAITHFUL GEYSER's sprawling network of boardwalks. ~ The which has an orgasmic [Comey] eruption about every 60 MINUTES on the prophecy time clock near the park's G7-mile marker. ~ Per that June 14 newsreel in the opening act to ANNIE HALL meets BANANAS. ~ As just confirmed by that powerful 6.9 in Central America; Mel Gibson time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JUST JEW IT NOTES: Sooner or sooner, President Trump is going to have to get rid of America's Jewish problem at the DOJ. ~ PS DER KEN KEISLER: I will be staying onboard Savage's twin VOLVO in Marin County when I finally come down there to scout out a few locations for SON OF THE BIG LEBOWSKI meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM: The Sequel. ~ BOILING IT ALL DOWN NOTES: During this rather confusing 69-70 weeks period; the only things that you have to understand are all explained in ISAIAH 11 and ISAIAH 22. ~ After that, it's all clear sailing for President Trump, all the time, 24/7/365/52. ~

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