Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Like they always say in Jolly Old England, the proof is in the pudding. ~ Ergo, mother of two or three, Tiffany Johnson, just got her spicy hot right chichen wing chomped off by a hungry [JAWS] shark in Michael Douglas' Bahamas. ~ Because she comes from Concord, NC. ~ And the daughters of Israel in 2NEPHI 8 are guilty of trying to mangle the right arms of today's RING A DING GIRL cunts who hate today's more manly white christian patriots from Concord, Mass. etc. ~ As in the VALLEY OF THE SHADOW episode where the mayor of Peaceful Valley says that the little Johnson girl sitting on the [CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM] with her pet pussy was not being careful. ~ And over at the TRUMP [horn] HOTEL's TIFFANY lamp chech-out counter, a freckled Emma Watson is scheming how to get rid of my invisible man and his invisible sailor dog. ~ See the big picture at: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/north-carolina-mother-loses-arm-shark-attack-bahamas-article-1.3241755 ~ GSR/TWN ~ ACE IN THE HOLE NOTES: The mayor of Jackson Hole, Wyoming's peaceful little flyfishing paradise fantasy town just took down President Trump's portrait, proclaiming that we do not live in a dictatorship. ~ Like where if you disagree with the accepted status quo, the left trys to assassinate your character and remove any traces of your very existence. ~ Like at: https://www.rawstory.com/2017/06/we-do-not-live-in-a-dictatorship-wyoming-mayor-removes-portraits-of-trump-and-pence-from-town-hall/ ~ "...and they hate their own [white man] blood;" MOSES 7:33. ~ "What we are seeing today in the left wing [Reformed Jewish rabbi] media is nothing less than raw bear-naked hatred..." Rush Limbaugh. ~ MOTHER FUCKER NOTES: All of those back-stabbing half Jews in the brainwashed mainstream media Republican Party have been hoping and praying for the past 5 months that you fire your entire staff of neo Nazi military generals on the Russian front. ~ They might be onto something here. ~ So how about we start with that special little dirty Jew boy trouble maker at the DOJ; and then we damn the SUBWAY sandwich foot long 5.99 special deal offer torpedoes and go for it from there. ~

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