Tuesday, June 20, 2017


THE TWILIGHT ZONE's no.109 Valentines Day, 1993, episode keeps repeating what a "dear price" Julliette Lewis paid to steal away the heart of her blond sister's fiance. ~ Represented by that sterling silver PEARL OF GREAT PRICE hair pin which her daddy had brought back for her after WW:III. ~ When Donald Trump would become America's two term DAVIDIAN servant President. ~ Who like Moses himself, would lead the lost tribes of Israel through the wilderness and into the promised land. ~ And all of those reformed Jewish socialists [read fascists] in the country would end up, "...weeping, and wailing, and gnashing..." their STARBUCKS coffee stained teeth in vain in MOSES 1:22. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NUMBER ONE NOTES: Only those persons who enter into the physical transfiguration's Masonic Scottish Temple blood cleansings rites will be able to see what Moses saw. ~ Whereas, many of America's righteous Christians get to see a lot of amazing and prophetic things too, but not as much as the Mormons do in Utah and Idaho. ~

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