Monday, June 19, 2017


Saying that God's DAVIDIAN servant should stop tweeting is like saying that we are not living in the two witnesses period of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11:1 meets ISAIAH 11:1. ~ Not to mention 2NEPHI 8. ~ You mock the words of Jesus, he mocks your shitty little [SON OF LEBOWSKI] over the hill talk radio show from THE TWILIGHT ZONE in 1960s Simi Valley, California. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NATURAL BORN KILLERS NOTES: The engaged brunet Juliette Lewis sister wife in JESS-BELLE gets the same big diamond ring that the Egyptian Muslim gave to Princess Diana in the GLOBE's devastating third part report that came out last week at WALMART and TARGET. ~ DOW INVESTMENT TIPS: Monday's +144.71 closing was a two weeks warning 7.1 thing. ~ As confirmed by that rear deck [REAR WINDOW] Alfred Hitchcock profile disaster in the Flatehead Indian REDSKINS Montana flyfishing region at: ~ FLYFISHING NOTES: The past three years of summer drought have put the hurt on small creek trout fishing in western Washington. ~ However, many of the small creek outlets in the high lakes region are still a pretty good bet for small trout fishing in the barely legal 7-12" range. ~ And if you are just too old and tired for that kind of a rigorous hiking experience; try out the inlets and outlets of places like Wenatchy Lake or Lake Chelan; for an example. ~ Where you can actualy drive up to in your luxury LAND ROVER with full leather seats, air conditioning, and a talking computer dashboard. ~ Who tells you in a sexy female voice where you are, and what an amazingly good job that you are doing every God damned fucking second of the day. ~ Baker Lake same thing, but a bit too crowded for me these days. ~ I like the idea of a guy fucking two girls at the same time. ~ But one girl getting fucked by two guys at the same time is just a bit to gay for my tastes. ~

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