Thursday, June 22, 2017


THE TWILIGHT ZONE's February, 28, 1963 episode no.111 is entitled PRINTER'S DEVIL. ~ Because it is a prophetic allegory about today's failing newspapers that have sold their sophisticated and worldly souls to the devil. ~ Who can make up all manner of fake news just by typing it up on his future computer keyboard machine. ~ For example, the editor's sexy Gisele Bundchen assistant falls out of her honeymoon wedding canoe fantasy in Lake Bundy [Bonney Lake]. ~ And then on the way to the D&C 86 Bishop International airport outside of [fire starter] Flint, Michigan, the devil deliberately crashes her 1957-58 year-model Detroit FORD convertible. ~ But by the grace of Jesus, she only gets a scratch; and the DNC devil at the medicine wheel suddenly vanishes into thin air. ~ Never to come back into power for a thousand years. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NY POST: You can not do a very believable tabloid paper piece on the great Russian connection myth of 2016 without mentioning that Seth Rich was murdered by Hillary er al for leaking all those DNC emails to WIKILEAKS. ~ That's like Bill O'Really or Glenn Beck saying that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ When everyone else out there in THE TWILIGHT ZONE knows that he was actually born in a British hospital in Kenya, Africa. ~ And that he attended Harvard on an all expenses paid foreign student scholarship program from Indonesia. ~ You can't have your cake and eat it took... yada yada. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: After the dust has settled from WW:III, there will be no more new and improved Obamacare 666ism "with a heart". ~ Not to mention Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, progressive taxation, labor unions, $15 minimum wage, or the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964. ~ "Life just keeps getting better..." BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, circa 1993 to 1996. ~ You have to scrape out the bottom of the barrel if you want to get rid of all the rotten apples. ~ Nothing less than that will do it. ~ "Be ye therefore perfect." Jesus Christ. ~ "OK, that's enough." Says the 29ish looking Elizabeth Hurley in AUSTIN POWERS: International Man of Mystery. ~

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