Friday, June 16, 2017


That sports media blimp crashed at the US OPEN in Washington County, Wisconsin for a replay of that Reagan era blimp in A VIEW TO A KILL, circa 1985. ~ Starring that white Russian Donald Trump bad guy who did a computer-chip hack-job number on the GOLDEN STATE BRIDGE cable lines with a red state fire axe on the Bay Area's 2016 election. ~ Wherein Clinton won the national election by a solid 20%. ~ But the margin of victory could have even been greater if not for that rogue KBG agent who interfered, at: ~ You don't actually believe that the enclosed swing state [election] disaster just happened on it's own and out of the blue do you? ~ Remember, at this point in time, Putin was the strange looking blank clone-face head of the KBG. ~ Oh yeah. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROSIE: The name Erin means Irish in the old tongue. ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: God made you one of the top ten female golfers in the whole wide world for a good reason. ~ Think me and you make some kind of a retro swingers 1980s Bob Hope classic look alike low budget CADDYSHACK:3-4 at PEBBLE BEACH; circa $6,000,000 in off shore cash money up front per pictue for you, and I get to keep all of the profits in 52 PICKUP meets 52 PICKUP:II at: ~ And don't forget to bring along all of your girlfriends to my upcoming DC 58 orgy at the PLAYBOY MANSSION. ~ "Two girls for every boy!!" THE BEACHBOYS, circa: . ~

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