Monday, June 19, 2017


'If you hurl chunks... but she still loves you and stays with you. It was meant to be.' paraphrasing WAYNES WORLD; circa 2017-2018. ~ Ergo, from out of nowhere Sunday, I suddenly got sick and puked up a turkey-on-wheat D&C 86 sandwich that I had eaten for lunch hours earlier. ~ Then I felt just fine. ~ Only to learn a few minutes later that England's Ms May called that London mosque attack "sickening". ~ Which correspondeded directly with THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode that I had just watched. ~ Wherein the prophetic engaged-to-be-married-to-Jeff-Bezos brunet co-star of NATURAL BORN KILLERS casts a spell on Jessica Simpson's former NFL player fiance. ~ Who has been cursed to turn into an African third world values wildcat every night at midnight on Eagle Rock Road. ~ For the JESS-BELLE story confirmation of the infidal believers in the [REV.16] false prophet, beast, and dragon devil on Seven Sisters Road. ~ Hence, the above allegory about crazy christian apostates who believe in the false doctrines of monogamy, etc. ~ And it is going to take those two bullets of Judah and Ephraim to kill off all of today's fake religion Judeo Christian crazyness, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ALEX JONES: You want to rid mankind of all those evil blond media wife bitches out there? ~ Start supporting the Biblical principles of polygamy. ~ Not to mention righteous animal sacrifice blood cleansing, righteous genocide, righteous racism, righteous slavery, and righteous hot three-way sex with underaged teenagers. ~ ORSON WELLES NOTES: Give me a break for Christ's sake. ~ Even during all of those late night fake jug wine commercials starring Orson Welles. ~ Most people didn't go right out and buy a gallon of that shit that he was selling. ~ Not to be confused with me making cash money deals on the barrel for SON OF LEBOWSKI meets SON OF HANNILBAL. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: The more bored-to-death that I get, the more off-shore-tax-free cash money you get from me and my partner Mel Gibson. ~ "You're going the right way for a spanking. And I don't care who knows it." AP:III meets WW:III. ~

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