Sunday, June 25, 2017


Will Ferrell plays the SS officer who raids the assassin's TRUMP HOTEL room with a view in no.112 entitled NO TIME LIKE THE PAST. ~ Because his Democrat Party is so paranoid that the new blond assassin in DAY OF THE JACKAL wants to kill off the new and improved 666 beast. ~ Whose head was once wounded in WW:II, but then it was miraculous healed "with a heart". ~ So now comes WW:III, "Two shots to the head... you know it's dead." NURSE BETTY meets MY BLUE HEAVEN, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: You won the $2,500,00 jackpot in no.111, [adjusted for inflation] but you did not know it yet, because you were not looking out for it. ~ Not to mention all of those younger 39ish lookers who are attracted to rich older men who still got it. ~ PS DAN SAVAGE: Pride always comes before the fall. ~ And it won't be pretty. ~ TEXAS TWO STEP NOTES: My driver service in BL bears PDDYWGN plates. ~ In confirmation about my visions of all the head banger niggers in white Seattle getting rounded up and tossed into a paddy wagon; Baltimore, Maryland style. ~ PS MS DOWD: The reason way President Trump is so wildly popular in America is because he has a knack for telling the plain truth using the common words and simple spoken language of the common man. ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: Your ignorant, immature, uneducated and probably half Jewish exboyfriend actor from Ireland was inspired by God to make his indie film director debut about the nazi white lesbian cops of sodom and Egypt in Seattle beating the crap out of all those future fascistic resisters. ~ "Anytime the commies go up against the Nazis, they always lose... sooner or later. That's why I'm supporting George Wall/ace." ~ My stepfather Leslie Winn, circa 1967; who had never voted for a Republican politician in his entire short life. ~ Er: ~ "I usually vote Democrat." Donald Trump, 1981. ~ "The Democrats are nothing but a bunch of losers." Donald Trump, 2016. ~ "Sometimes I say one thing one day... And then I say something else that sounds completely different the next day." Jesus Christ Louisiana, circa ~ PS TOM HANKS: The reason why your over the hill political party will not be in power for the next 1000 years is because of your old gray lady wife who doesn't want you to have a little fun fucking any of your more sexy underaged wives at the Scottish PLAYBOY MANSION

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