Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Sienna Miller posted her surreal double fork-ball STAR TREK greeting hand signs somewhere out there in THE TWILIGHT ZONE right before those cursed LOST HIGHWAY Republicans got shot by that DC 86 hunter prophecy at ~ Remember, these are the same polite society ball club white guys who believe that MLK JR was the 1964 forerunner to the second coming of Jesus Christ himself. ~ You joke about Seth Rich getting shot in the back by Clinton's Bernie Sanders DEER HUNTER white guy who hates his own white man blood, he suddenly shows up out of nowhere on FACEBOOK and shoots you too when you're not looking. ~ Meanwhile, over at the DNC headquarters in Wash DC, everyone is still loving that SELMA AND LUISE FBI men cult film prophecy about those two insane Jewish feminists who deliberately drive their car off a cliff in that GRAND CANYON movie prophecy entitled NURSE BETTY. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: I'm loving your choice of your FBI accademy lesbian co-star in HANNIBAL:5-6. ~ Talk about me not giving a shit about reading the two screenplays written for it by the two Jewish Kaufman brothers. ~ Just as long as I get to star in it as some kind of an eccentric Orson Welles multi billionaire sex fiend from Seattle; and everyone else in the off shore Hollywood production is satisfied with the amount of money that I AM is paying them to be in it. ~

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