Monday, June 5, 2017


This week's smoking gun in DC will be the same one that was used to shoot Seth Rich in the back two times because he leaked those embarrassing DNC emails to WIKILEAKS. ~ You betcha, it's high time to pull the trigger on all of those Jewish back-stabbing traitors in the anti American media. ~ And Mr. James Comey knows it. ~ Just like he knows that the NYT er al are lying about Barack Obama's fake news birth certificate. ~ Remember all of those Senate hearings about the mysterious foreign aid student named Barry Obama; who was not even a US citizen? ~ Talk about America being run by a bunch of missing-in-action brainwashed politicians. ~ Some of whom are old enough to have been in the Korean War. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PILLOW TALK NOTES: They must be selling a shit load of these huuge pillows because all the local talk radio shows are suddenly being saturated with their direct-response ads, at: ~ Also see the pillow talk clip at: ~ PS CAMERON DIAZ: Even after all these years, you still are one of my favorite pillows. ~ PS KIM DOT COM: North Korea's fat faced ruler has a Big Sur, Rt.1 ALFA dog surname that is about putting an end to the UN, not to mention FACEBOOK DOT COM. ~ Like in such inspired films as CAPOTE and THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL, at: ~ AND: ~ PS MISS WATSON: See MONTANA meets EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES:II. ~ And no, you will never have to fuck me in my production trailer in between set-ups; even if I want to do it with you, but you don't want to do it with me for the time being; "I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!!" ELEPHANT MAN meets THE JARLEEN LIMITED. ~ PS JIM CARREY: Sometimes I understand your CATCH 22 situation more than you know. ~ So for whatever it's worth, I watch WHERE THE BOYS ARE just to relax me and get a load off my mind, at: ~ Note my amazing Emma Watson look alike sister wife in the above swinging 1960s movie that justifies me having sex with 18 year-old girls who look like underaged boys. ~

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