Monday, June 26, 2017


After all of these years, my long lost buddy [public education school teacher] Donell Willey continues to believe that yours truly has gone gone gone completely mad. ~ Wherefore God knew that this would happen. ~ So He cast him in my own private preexistence Provo, Utah role in TTZ' MINIATURE episode no.110 for some kind of a surreal missionary man object lesson. ~ [Marie Osmond does own the world's largest private CHATTY CATHY doll house of Israel collection.] ~ Who plays a man who still lives with his mother and does not have a car or a job. ~ As just confirmed by 'Charlie' Sheen having to sell his Babe Ruth ring just to make ends meet. ~ Look at it this way. ~ Everything that happens to Charlie Sheen [bright light] is a reverse mortgage metaphore situation about my own life. ~ "I'm having to sell some of my art pieces just to make my child support payments to that Russian bitch." paraphrasing Mel Gibson, 2012. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HAPPENING NOTES: It so happened that I watched MINIATURE on Nicole Kidman's 50th birthday. ~ PS MS RODRIGUEZ: All of my sexy dreams about you always seem to happen during baseball season. ~

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