Thursday, June 1, 2017


Get it? ~ President Trump's secret TWITTER spelling of the word 'COVFEFE' is the black arts [2BC] word in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's no.120 episode entitled THE BARD. ~ Which is a dire last days [black STARBUCKS coffee] prophecy about when it will finally be high time to CURB YOUR ENTHUSIAM for scientific [G7] climate change Nazism. ~ And get back to what is Barack Obama's real African born birth certificate world in LIVE OR LET DIE meets A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ GREGORY SCOTT RELF'S TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER; circa 1993-1996. ~ PS NYT: The first thing that I AM will ask you to do is get rid of that negro on the down low who is still in change of the paper. ~ For example, whenever Mitt Romney would buy out some failing 1980s style corporation; the first thing that he would do is get rid of the company's dead weight homosexual Jews, and light skinned niggers with bogus high society Harvard University degrees; starting from the top down. ~ The fish always rots from the head down, yada yada. ~

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