Saturday, June 17, 2017


Those 7 sailors of Sodom and Egypt's G7th Fleet got it for good on the Seven Seas of the 7 hills [Hillary Clinton] beast right at the start of this weekend's lucky gay ass sailors militaristic parade celebrations. ~ Ergo, those three trees seen outside of the prophetic MICROSOFT Seattle windows icon in THE TWILIGHT ZONE's special 4th season 60 MINUTES period episodes represent REV.9:18. ~ Per that inspired gay sailors number in the Corn brothers' JULIAS CAESAR movie; directed by an Arnold Schwarzenegger figure who immediately agreed to stop "associating" with the whore of Babylon in REV.17-19. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAN: By now you must be bored out of your mind. ~ I know I am. ~ So I AM is thinking that we have three super ripped 6-pack abes guys in European SPEEDOS walk the parade on June 25 with three beautiful strutting black stallions snorting and chomping at the bit, literally speaking. ~ Now listen to me... You have those three young studs all worked up with a professional horse breeder's hand job; in order that their 24" cocks will be hanging out there in the THE FULL MONTY position. ~ You win the parade's grand prize blue ribbon for best whatever, hands down. ~ PS BRAD PITT: Don't thank me, thank Jesus. ~ And I say this because I now have the kind of fuck-you money to do or say anything that I want. "Fuck you very much." KING OF NEW YORK meets KING OF CALIFORNIA. ~ In confirmation of the timing of that new COSTCO construction operation now happening in Bonney Lake, Wash. ~

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