Friday, June 23, 2017


Mr Comey is smoking on a crooked cigarette in the opening to PRINTER'S DEVIL. ~ Which then matches the crooked cigar that the devil is smoking when he too is introduced. ~ Who later claims that he has a green nose for today's crooked science and fake news statistics "green" reports about today's pop culture climate change and sex change fads. ~ Hence, after the future green fanatic Ms Bundchen leaves, we see her 7:20 birth date on Mr. Winter's clock. ~ And then we see her beauty contest winner fraud headline in the GAZETTE syndicate mob tabloid. ~ Now relocated in a building that burns down and suffers $500k in loses. ~ In Divine confirmation of the 500 S&P closing at 1.11 on the same day that Comey and his gray lady walked into the NYT building in NYC. ~ Where they type up a new batch of Russian connection fake news every damned day. ~ Even though nobody is buying it anymore. ~ Well, almost every body, since FOX is still reporting that the DNC emails were hacked by the Russians. ~ Contrary to the obvious fact that Seth Rich did it. ~ Remember, these are the same bubby boy people who believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ And that Larry Sinclair's extensively corroborated accounts about him sucking on his cock in north Chicago, while he sucked on the crack pipe, were just too good to be true. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICES: In no.111, the paper's subscriptions triple in just two weeks. ~ Figure when Trump fires all of those Jewish backstabers at the DOJ, it will be just like when Reagan fired all of those airport traffic controllers in the 80s. ~ And after that it was smooth sailing all the way to his second term election victory. ~ "I own your asses!!" Says the proverbial [pre 2016 election] Donald Trump supporter in the third act of the SIDEWAYS prophecy. ~ Not to be confused with those two other major President Trump in Scotland prophecies; entitled FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL and THAT SINKING FEELING. ~ Trump being the first President of America who has actually showed up in person and attended a gay wedding. ~ Think about it. ~ WEDDING CRASHERS takes place in Wash, DC because THE BREAKUP takes place in Chicago, Ill. ~ Complete with two alternative and optional endings. ~ "Always give a man a back door way out..." Dennis Hopper.

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