Sunday, June 4, 2017


After Kathy Griffin held up that very gory and realistic looking wax museum figure head, I decided to finally watch THE TWILIGHT ZONE's Scottish named wax museum episode about all of those historic throat cutters and cruel decapitators in London, etc. at: ~ Where we see Kathy's trademark hair in the "Murder's Row" exhibit that depicts the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim suffocating her softly but surely under one of those amazing new smart pillows that are regularly advertized on the Michael Medved show at 770 AM, "The truth." in Seattle, Washington; AREA CODE 206. ~ Wherefore, no.115 opened on 4.4 in 1963 with an Egyptian beauty wax figure that represented MLK JR. getting murdered on 4.4 in Memphis, Egypt, USA a few years later. ~ And then decades later, no.44 would become an illegal alien Harvard graduate foreign student class president of America; somewhere out there in THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BFD EMMA WATSON: ~ I suggested that you get your masters at REED for an inspired Providential reason. ~ Where they made that epic tragedy motion picture about Warren Beauty getting mixed up in today's Russian conspiracy theories at CNN er al. ~ But by then it was too late to pull out of it, at: ~ Think TO DIE FOR meets today's WASHINGTON POST type tragic cycle of suicide by fake news theme in no.120. ~ Please do give it some serious consideration. ~ You would only be a short hop up to Seattle on the weekends. ~ Where the real SON OF LEBOWSKI super 16mm 6-figure paycheck action is happening on my own private 91' sailboat. ~ Yeah I know, you could probably go on forever making those same old Jew fuck Hollywood movies in BARTON FINK etc. ~ Or you could just say the YES MAN:II thing and decide to co-star with me in all of my little indie film anal examination sex fantasies for twice the creative freedom, and twice as much cash money up front; for ten times longer. ~ You say you already have a seriois boyfriend? ~ Hell why not? ~ Drag him along with you. ~ I'm sure we can squeeze him into the picture too. ~ Sooner or sooner, God is going to make you the leading star in THE FULL MONTY:II. ~ So you might as well get paid what you're worth for doing it in the first place. ~

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