Sunday, June 4, 2017


In the upcoming Scotish castle PLAYBOY MANSION Kingdom of God PLAIN TRUTH magazine paradise, the 1959-1964 magazine's executive publisher husband is the boss, and his many swinging PLAYBOY center-fold 1960 wives serve as his loyal and supportive handmaids. ~ Ergo, Kathy Griffin's self destructive one's woman lesbian bitch act was inspired by her deranged syndrome reaction to my postings about RING-A-DING GIRL. ~ Beware of the so-called-devil in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING meets BRIDES OF DRACULA meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ Because he will always destroy you in the end. ~ Which is why it turned out to be a brilliant portrayal of the impending blaze-of-glory ending to the NYT, a.k.a. The Old Gray Lady. ~ Who is now on career life support both financially and politically. ~ Think DEATH WISH meets THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE. ~ Wherein the brainwashed antiheros are driven mad by their own imaginary Kim UN type election 2016 conspiracy theories. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LOST HIGHWAY NOTES: Many on the left, and many in the middle-of-road Republican Party dismissed my interpretation of David Lynch's enclosed 1990s prophecy, which opens on a desert road to nowhere in THE TWILIGHT ZONE with David Bowie singing "...I'm deranged." ~ PS KATHY: My idea of a ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW remake would involve a lot of my wives in their middle 50s who still have a pretty rocking fit-and-trim body. ~ Of course, we will be paying full union S.A.G. scale with an overly generous perdium that bordlines on felony bribery charges. ~ And I promise you this as a man who does not believe in unionism, or any other reformed marxist athiest Jewish version of the 1930s third way philosophy in SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER meets HIGH ANXIETY. ~ PS SIR JAMES: I tend to agree with you on a certain point. ~ That is, if one drags a $100 bill through a trailer park in Texas, you would be amazed by the action that you will get by all of those underage blonds who will do anything just to get next month's rent at: ~ PS PUTIN: After it has been determined and proven by the Jewish lesbian bitch wives media that you had singlehhandly won the election for Donald Trump in 2016, feel free to show up at any one of my DC 58 summer picnic lawn parties in West LA. ~ PS BILL: If the DISNEYLAND CHANNEL family men Jews at HBO won't let you talk openly about the niggers on the down low who are running America, why not go for the nuclear 51/49 option in the Senate? ~

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