Thursday, June 1, 2017


Shakespeare's popular NOTHING TO IT comedy is based on rumor, gossip, and inuendo. ~ Just like today's ongoing comedy in the liberal Jewish [Larry David] media about Russia hacking the Providential US election of Rodney Dangerfield in CADDYSHACK meets FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ Ergo that green ethanol plant explosion up in Joseph McCarthy's Wisconsin on the eve of President Trump's Paris, France press conference in the rose garden. ~ You make me laugh. ~ I make you cry. ~ A rose is a rose by any other name. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JUST FOR LAUGHS NOTES: ~ Back on May 3rd Comedy testified before Congress that no one has ever tried to stop any of his serious investigations into that Russian dossier gossip piece on Donald Trump. ~ Now the same privileged rich kids in today's born again CITIZEN KANE media are hyping that same meaningless dinner converstion memo that they had already published weeks ago. ~ "The underlining problem with [PC] progressivism is that it lacks any of the most basic forms of natural humor in humanity." William F. Buckley Jr. FIRING LINE, 1967. ~ PS JEFF: Recent business reports indicate that you now owe me 8.5 big ones. ~ As in, "A billion is more than a million, numb nuts." Scottie, AP:II. ~ And no, I AM is not asking for a free ride into THE TWILIGHT ZONE on one of your toy rockets. ~ Been there, done that. ~ In fact, when I was ten years younger than you, I was already hot rodding around in a 1976 ALFA with dual overhead cams; a straight rod rear end DeDion transaxle; double stabilizer bars up front and on the bottom; yada yada. ~ PS PORTLAND: See what happens when you don't give a fuck about what the other little people think or believe? ~ Your stupid butt wipe mayor says that the Sam Kinnison killer was a huuuge Trump supporter. ~ However, on his own private Idaho [Russian hacked] FACEBOOK page he claims to be a big time Bernie Sanders supporter; and he hates religious people to boot. ~ NBA SPORTS NOTES: King James' jersey number is 23. ~ I want you to remember this fact in terms of that amateur basketball league antihero sports movie that Will Ferrell made in Flint, Michigan. ~ Think WEDDING CRASHERS:II meets the first MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING movie, at: ~

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