Thursday, June 22, 2017


The devil himself, James Comey, was just seen walking into THE TWILIGHT ZONE's newspaper offices of that failing and bankrup DANSBURG paper with his old gray lady. ~ Only two hours after my EXTRA post started to roll off the presses at GSR/TWN. ~ Sometimes this shit just writes itself. ~ Then the no.111 episode was confirmed by the civil war S&P 500 ending on the same day at -1.11. ~ Because your typical liberal media Jews with suicidal tendencies have been bucking for a bloody red capitalist communist revolution civil war between the niggers and the white folks ever since 1.20. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JOHNNY DEPP: I like President Trump. ~ Therefore, you like President Trump too; since once upon a time you sold your soul to the devil when John Waters cast your ass in CRY BABY meets GREASE:I-II. ~ REAL POLITICS NOTES: If Barry Obama could just finally become a man and buck up and come out of the closet and get real jiggy with it; he could easily become the first democratically elected illegal alien President for Life of California. ~ Fuck Jerry Brown, a.k.a. Governor Moonbeam; too old, too white, too bald. ~Been there done that whole Summer of Love 1960s nastalgia twilight zone tour concert time-travel greatful dead thing. ~

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