Wednesday, June 28, 2017


THE TWILIGHT ZONE's space rocket episode entitled PARALLEL takes place when Dr.Evil himself would have a second parallel rocket factory in Huntsville, Alabama, Madison County. ~ Per the story's launch sequence joke about the astronaut sending an package back to home base with some feathered angel wings in it. ~ Which is a prophetic represention of BLUE ORIGIN's flying feather logo. ~ Then during the fateful REV.15th orbit, the handsome astronaut actor with a distinct GSR scar above his lip, surnamed Gaines, blacks out and enters into the latter day LDS twilight zone realm. ~ Where my wife and daughter live at street no.358 in episode 113. ~ Which ends with my two little girls from Hillsboro, Oregon, Washington County, finally calling me daddy, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS FOX NEWS: That Vatican Cardinal was busted for molesting boys, not today's typical high school underaged 16 year-old hoties in pink pussy tights. ~ For Christ's sake, get your facts straight about Seth Rich etc. before you start flapping your tongues, like at: ~ PS JIM CAREY: Jesus Christ Almighty. ~ Of course that was you in the WW:III bomb shelter fantasy episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE; wherein you caused that crazy bitch to commit suicide because you got her knocked up. ~ WHO GIVES A JEW SOCK FULL OF SHIT IN MY WORLD? ~ Where a part of the back door deal is that I pay off any and all of your petty minded accusers; just as long as you play along with me for the time being. ~ You think you're getting a bad rep? ~ Before I AM is done with you, anybody who does not like you hanging out with me and Hugh Grant is going to get the full evil eye treatment portrayed in Steven Spielberg's own private episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE movie remake in the Reaganite 80s. ~

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