Thursday, June 29, 2017


Riding back on 410 in my PDYWGN 2 car service Thursday, THE END started playing the theme song for NAPOLEON DYNAMITE at 208th. ~ I thought about telling the driver that the film was made by a fellow BYU film school student who believed that yours truly was a schizophrenic man-child suffering from Napoleonic delusions of grandeur. ~ Who even believed that the Scotish Loch Ness monster was a Donald Trump prophecy, etc. etc. ~ Much like my own scarred noble protagonist with an inner conflict in PARALLEL; who is suffering from, "A very strange collection of illusions." and fixations. ~ GSR/TWN ~ YOU'RE FIRED NOTES: Why did those twin directors of the new STAR WARS parallel movie just get fired? ~ Must be something in the water. ~

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