Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Just in time for the Comey conspiracy theory hearings, the GLOBE has published a blockbuster report on Prince Charles orchestrating the secret underground channel death of Princess Diana in Paris Hilton, France, circa 2017. ~ Based upon, and I quote, a British intelligence "dossier" using "leaked documents", a "file" and an annonomous American CIA intelligence community [DEEP THROAT] car garage parking "source" ~ Wherein "...the mountain of evidence against him..." is proof positive of the "...massive cover-up..." that is trying to "...bury the truth." from London to Washington. ~ Can't wait for their next part two report on this three part bombshell that will be coming out on Thursday at WALMART and TARGET. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RUSSIAN LANGUAGE NOTES: Virtually all of the Russian IPO hacking software being used in the world, from China to Ethiopia has been written by the Russians. ~ Which means that every single attempt to hack into a government voter registration data base is designed to steal people's private S.S. numbers that can give them access to their electronic banking accounts. ~ Sometimes they even trade the software between themselves on a commision percentage basis. ~ Like in the case of that major Pentagon personale data bank attack; emphasis on the word 'bank'. ~ Sure, most people in the military don't have that much money in their email bank accounts from month to month. ~ But the numbers start to ad up when you can skim off $100 a month out of 1,000,000 bank accounts for a couple two three months before anyone is the wiser. ~ Russian IP software is the best because they know how to keep upgrading it to counter against every new vain attempt to block it. ~ You may ask yourself, how do I know this? ~ Well, last month on COAST TO COAST midnight talk radio they interviewed one of the foremost authorities on computer science hacking. ~ Who was laughing at the [Mr.Anderson] CIA and FBI guys because every single unemployed genius computer hacker in the third world relys on Russian designed URL software. ~ Talk about searching for a heroine needle in a hay stack. ~ PS JEFF RELF: More Jewish asshole, less gentile idiot. ~ PS PARIS: In my underground indie film remake of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW at Elizabeth Hurley's perfect MOONWALKERS brick masonic mansion country estate location; there will be no auditions or time wasting screenplay readings. ~ I know what I want when I see it, like in MATCH POINT meets BLUE JASMINE. ~ PS MICHAEL: This week's "conspiracy day" show should be an especially good one for your recorded archives. ~

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