Friday, July 14, 2017


That C-130 crashed and burned in Sunflower County, Miss on the opening day of the ALLEN & CO 7-hills summit for rich 666 liberals in Sun Valley Idaho. ~ [Read VALLEY OF THE SHADOW] ~ Which is being attended by no less than Dr. Evil himself; in confirmation of the area's Hwy.20 Craters of the Moon at Carey on the Snake River Plain. ~ "Snakes!" Jesus Christ at ~ Wherefore, Rome and Ruleville are also located in the windy river's day 1290 Sunflower County Mississippi. ~ And Sun Valley, Idaho sits on the edge of the Sawtooth Mountains. ~ Of course Bill Gates is there too; because right there is Bellevue, Idaho; south to Hailey, north of Magic City. ~ [Read HAIL CAESAR!] ~ Plus, I'm getting 10% of the action there since at least 90% of the attendees are starting to look really old and unattractive, like at: ~ God, the double chins, the flat chests, the pot bellies... Like something straight out of a MAD MAGAZINE caricature cartoon spoof, circa 1964. ~ Money talks, media bullshit walks. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READERS: The double letters spelling of 'Mississippi' is a two witnesses era motif. ~ PS QUENTIN TARANTINO: God damn, excellent choice. ~ I'm thinking Chloe Moretz plays one of Polanski's underaged plural wives, like at: ~

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