Friday, July 10, 2015


So many of us in the smart set have been wondering when the NYT is going to apologizes for what they did to white America with Barack Obama's gay ass birth certificate. ~ ~ Well hells bells, here it is in all of it's glory at: ~ ~ Didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ What's next? Bernie Sanders is going to put the final nail in Hilary Clinton's coffin by saying that she also knew all about it? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORNING DAWN SHOCK JOCK RADIO SHOW NOTES: Last night I dreamed over and over that Howard Stern wanted me to fill in for him for about three days. So I just said yes. Because the idea was so irrational and ridiculous that it must have been miraculously inspired by God or something. ~ ~ Then I began to worry about what I should say in my opening monologue. But I caught myself and thought "fuck it", why bother. God will tell me what to say when the announcer introduces me. ~ ~ Then the green michrophone light came on, and I simply said; "I am Gregory Scott Relf from Seattle. I am a fundamentalist Mormon polygamist. So I don't suck cock. But I do eat the pussy." And then the MIDNIGHT COWBOY telephone calls from Jesus started ringing off the walls. ~ ~ Since the protangonist in the above Hollywood Jew prophecy was a tall blond physically transfigured Donald Trump look alike. And then I immediately woke up and noted that my 70s era COSMO bed clock said 4:33. ~ ~ DON NOTES: DON JAUN DE MARCO was about my return to acting when The Don would be apart of all of those birther billboards in the south. ~ ~ HANNAH AND HER SISTERS NOTES: Those three sisters were lost along the Swift Creek trail in Wyoming for the current rescue effort that is going on for Ms.Swift and her three instagram sisters. ~ ~ Remember what I said. The best fly fishing and high lakes hiking this year will be happening in Montana, Wyoming, and northern Colorado. Due to the region's abnormal late spring snowfalls. Southeastern BC and southern Alberta are not a bad bet either. As if I could give a fuck if Evangeline Lilly and Carey Mulligan are pregnant. That is the beauty of mormon fundamentalist southern utah style polygamy. ~ ~ One wife betrays you by fucking around with strange flesh; she gets replaced by two other underaged teenager wives who are more attractive than her. ~ ~ In all due respect, Ariana still looks like she could easily play 18ish, maybe 19ish, tops.

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