Wednesday, July 1, 2015


That FDR era baseball stadium blaze in Hippie Town, Oregon happened at 20th and Oak Street. In confirmation of my Love Bug VW dream about an atomic bomb explosion that killed 10,000,000 people in Oak Town; metaphorically speaking. Because there ain't that much difference between literally and physically dying; and spiritually and intellectually and religiously and politically dying. ~ ~ "Better dead than red..." said the midnight cowboy caller on the radio. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JIM CAREY: I understand your concerns about 666 vaccinationism. But remember, most of today's children with bipolar autistic schizophrenia behavioral problems are a result of their parents eating too much spaghetti. Besides, isn't the ongoing EZE.38 invasion of America by Jewish homosexual communist traitors and darkies the bigger issue right now? ~ ~ ISRAELITISH NOTES: That phoney lead foot black bird idol from Egypt in THE MALTESE FALCON prophecy is about the black skin cover up of the precious Jewels of Israel in 3NEPHI 24:17. Hence the ominious Russian generals Black Sea location references in the movie to the ancient Sea of Israel. Where the ten tribes of Israel settled after they escaped from their Babylonian captivity of Assyria on the road to today's fallen Damascus, DC capitol of Syria. ~ ~ PRIVATE SWISS BANK NOTES: Of course, every one of the middleast leaders who escape the horrors of the false prophet in REV.16 have already deposited all of their money in the Bahamas, etc. Per my recent dream about Catherine Zeta-Jones barely escaping from her half Jew fucker husband with only 40 big ones. Which represented only a paltry 10% of his former wealth. Because like just like Jennifer Garner's ex husband, he gambled it all away on a dream. ~ ~ LAST NIGHT NOTES: God said that a BOOGIE NIGHTS sequel would be an important part of my born again career as a wannabe 1980s filmmaker.

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