Thursday, July 9, 2015


There is a reason why Ariana Grande wears an I DREAM OF GENIE hairdo so often. ~ ~ Just hours before the WOLFEE DONUTS news broke, I dreamed that Granny Grass backed her car into a tight space on 11th N.E. and 65th in Seattle and we two went into a BOOGIE NIGHTS type donut shop there. Where she ordered a bakers dozen [13] glaze donutes with chocolate icing on top. While yours truly was looking at the joints large selection of crack/pot pipes for sale on top of the counter. ~ ~ Hence, the REV.11 landmark timing that was confirmed by Ariana sniffing the white powder cocaine off of the traditional sugar vagina metaphors. ~ ~ And her dancing monkey chocolate lover with her was a Biblical Adam and Eve sign from God that white girls are not supposed to lay with the dark skinned snake from Egypt. ~ ~ I know, "That's harsh." [SHAUN OF THE DEAD]. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TECH NOTES: My $59 APEX pad doesn't have a functioning googlemaps ap; so I wasn't able to check what is actually located right now at 11th and 65th. ~ ~ EZE.47:1 NOTES: The 50/50 prophecy about the ten [sweet&sour] virgins is now being played out in Sun Valley, Idaho. Where half of the multi billionaires there would give me half of their money if only I was right about the upcoming physical transfiguration. And the other half still believe in their subconscious minds that they can take it all with them into the grave. ~ ~ Need I mention that some of the finest spring creek fly-fishing in the entire world is in southern Idaho? ~ ~ PS LETTERMAN: Watch out. Trump is looking to buy you out and turn your sprawling retirement property into a dude ranch paradise for get-away golfers and fantasy fly-fishing wilderness hikers. ~ ~ My advice to you is why not join them in a limited partnership situation instead of fighting them. ~ ~ Which is the exact same advice that I give to Horner in BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ ~ Keep in mind; in the near future there will be no more IRS. Nor will there be any federal funding of public schools.

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