Friday, July 3, 2015


Jimmy Fallon got his [ROOTS band] guitar finger pulled out by it's roots when his symbolic vagina wedding ring token got stuck on that cream&sugar coffee table in LOST HIGHWAY. Hence, the porno movie ending to the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy where Dirk Diggler finally answers the above question in 2015. ~ ~ When the NBC whore tells The Don that, "'re embarrassing me." ~ ~ This being his plane crash confession figure in ALMOST FAMOUS who claimed to respect the Troy, Mississippi roots of the STILLWATER band from Troy, Michigan. ~ ~ In confirmation of THE GREATFUL DEAD's last concert in Chicago. Where the term 'mob ring' originated. ~ ~ Oh yeah, monogamy is gay, "I hope to get married some day." Ellen Page. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Your classic 1970s 60s era song lyrics that go " she's in me." were about the future time when you would have a homosexual spirit inside of you. ~ ~ Dude, I like you. I just don't like the devil inside of you; Barack Obama, same thing. ~ ~ Which is the same reason why Charlie-Charlie Theron suddenly dropped Sean Penn like a hot plate. Even though he had an uncircumcised fake-prop cock the size of Florida; just like Dirk Digger sports in BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ ~ Remember, when all of those aging overweight female reporters saw Obama's long and skinny brown look alike cock on his campaign jet in 2008, they saw it as a sign from god that they should switch-hit their vote from Hillary to him. ~ ~ Now wonder that we see a prophetic physical transfiguration portrait of Gov. Jerry Brown hanging in the judges' chambers in Anderson's BOOGIE NIGHTS, circa 1983. ~ ~ Talk about cheap trick magic act endings; now he is bald, and then now he is not. ~ ~ PS MILEY: Paul Anderson also seems to have a pretty good handle on the rock music era of Janis Joplin; no surprise there. However, you might want to hold out until you get a call from you know who in London. ~ ~ If nothing else, that is where the big money is these days. ~ ~ Thank God that the UK never joined the EU; financially speaking. ~ ~ PRIVATE JOURNAL NOTES: Apparently that half Jew fuck screenwriter via St.Paul, Minn who wrote the screenplay about my half Jew life entitled ADAPTATION, also wrote the highly praised and hated sequel to my life called SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK. ~ ~ So many friends, so little time to watch all of their really good and inspired movies. ~ ~ For example, that is a transfigured Matthew Perry at the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS, 1997. Who just wants to like me and act like me and fill in my shoes for me until something better comes along. Even after I had treated him so rudely for being such an idiot. ~ ~ ME ME ME NOTES: Whenever the me me me themes on this blog get to be a bit too sickening; just remember that I AM is role playing the same 'Jesse' character lyrics in the same big rip off scenes towards the end of BOOGIE NIGHTS meets MATCH POINT, London. ~ ~ PS JERRY LEWIS: God inspired you to play it way over the top in order to Providentially pave the way for me to make anything that I want to make when it comes to me making movies with teenage girls who will do anything to be in the movies. ~ ~ And no, I am not Jesus. I just play him in the movies. ~ ~

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