Monday, April 13, 2015


By the above woman, I'm talking about the woman in REV.17 of course, whose MYSTERY title is written across her forehead that says, MOTHER OF WHORES. ~ ~ This would also eliminate most of the Republican field; who are not man enough to tell us the truth about the homosexual alien who they allowed to become our Commander in Chief because that is what their polite high society country club wives wanted. ~ ~ That said, the word 'republican' does sound way more manly than the warm and fuzzy feel-good term 'democracy'; whatever that means. ~ ~ Bottom line, without law and order there can be no freedom. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LAWLESS OUTLAW NOTES: Sandra Bullock thought that she was playing one of the cool rider chicks when she married Jesse James; just in order to stick it to me. ~ ~ Let that be a Hillary Clinton type object lesson for the rest of you spoiled brat bitches out there. ~ ~ THE MASTERS NOTES: That strange looking underaged physically transfigured figure from Texas who won THE MASTERS was confirmation of Rush Limbaugh's annual blood cancer cleansing marathon. ~ ~ Wherein they finally discover the cure to me not having any money and me getting to fuck anyone of my wives that I want to, when I want to; if the money is enough of course, and I get the car that I always wanted when I was in my late twenties. ~ ~ Get real, I'm not at all interested in having sex with girls who are not all that interested either in having me go down on thier pussy. ~ ~ I'd rather go row boating around slowly on Lake Union in Seattle if you know what I mean. ~ ~ If I catch a nice fish, fine. And if I don't catch any fish. Well, there's always Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne waiting for me with a fresh alderwood grilled salmon dinner over on deck at my classic [47 cabin] 51' sailboat tied up at WOLF MARINA. ~ Oh yeah, I'm not as desperate as you might think I am at times.

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