Sunday, April 5, 2015


Tomorrow is Jesus' birthday, even the same day that the Jews crucified him. ~ ~ Yeah I know, Michael Medved claims that the Jews did not kill Jesus. And like Clyde Lewis still thinks, there is no such thing as the lost ten tribes of Israel; no matter what they were saying for free at THE PLAIN TRUTH magazine boxes in West Hollywood, circa 1985. ~ ~ Guess he and his crazy uncle Leo brother were too busy at the time handing out all of those GOLDEN TURKEY club sandwich awards. ~ ~ [Medved is a huge supporter of America's blatantly unconstitutional National Parks system, that was set up by the progressive horse rider nicknamed Teddy.] ~ ~ Ergo, at the end of the two witnesses Cuban cigar episode entitled, THE BUBBLE BOY, filmed at some Bonnie Lake cabin in the north country woods, we see that he is a 34ish full grown man; "Hey Seinfeld, thanks for showing up." Better late than never, finally. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BONNIE LAKE, WASH. Ă‘OTES: In the above SEINFELD prophecy, that short little bald Jew jerk calls yours truly a liar and a cheater. ~ ~ FAKE BIO NOTES: Peterman's fake autobiography was a prophecy about Barack Obama' future fake autobiography that was holy ghost-written by someone else in Chicago. And the reason why most Americans think that this is true is because they don't know for sure if it is true; thanks to NBC news and the Mormon church that owns KIRO/KSL radio etc. etc. ~ ~ PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE NOTES: Seriously, how in the world could one believe in UFOs, and still not believe that the ten lost tribes of Israel are still living in some giant climate-controlled ice cave paradise in northern Russia? ~ ~ In all earnestness now; I really and truly do believe that the American 007 wanna be spy in the two IN LIKE FLYNT movies represented Woody Norris, circa 1969. ~ ~ Believe it or not; I would not be the man that I am today if not for Woody Allen and Woody Norris. Throw in Clint Eastwood in the mix if you must. ~ ~ If that is what it takes to get you to come around and start seeing things my way, or the take highway. I'm not always the kind of hard ass that you think I am.

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