Friday, April 17, 2015


In the 1260 days meets the 70 weeks prophecy entitled ANOTHER 9 & 1/2 WEEKS; I baptise and anoint a naked physically transfigured Julia Roberts at the endowment house retreat located in the countryside outside of Paris. ~ ~ And then I hire her current Danny boy "husband" gigolo to fuck her in the ass in that cheap hotel pensione in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets ROMA; circa 1973. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works. ~ ~ And the best part is, JR's trusty assistant three-way swinger in the above prophetic direct-to-Internet-video movie is a Natalie Portman look alike. Who is actually now living in Paris with some pretend husband; just like Scarlett Johansson was doing until she recently got so sick of the Left Bank experience that she suddenly up and relocated to Malibu, California, or something like that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 9.5 NOTES: The key to understanding the above 1986/1996 sequel full circle completion is the Hannibal Lecter look alike figure who makes and breaks the Julia Roberts actress from the 90s. Ergo that brass key invitation to room 17, which is her official number. ~ ~ MYSTIC PIZZA NOTES: All of those pretentious and cheesy dialogue lines that read, "You still don't get it..." etc. etc. suddenly come to life when one understands that they are about REV.17 and the upcoming transitions at, circa 2015. ~ ~ JERRY SEINFELD NOTES: Little innocent Hudson Ellis died below the bridge in Bonnie Lake for that old times antique photo of Ellis Island on the 1260 days Hudson River in Gary Signfield's NY apartment. Hanging above Jesus' own private line telephone next to that lone wolf howling at a full moon, light years before anyone heard about Mr. Relf in Bonnie Lake, circa 1992. ~ ~ [My surname means 'powerful wolf' in Older English.] ~ ~ For example, I say something is going to happen on 4.16; then that US MAIL package delivery bomber appears in a Washington, DC court wearing his official federal post office jacket. Demanding that the government be in complete control of all election finances; just like in the days of Mussolini and Hitler. Does the name Newman ring a bell? ~ ~ PS MICKEY: I am the one who gave you another [9.5] physically transfigured second chance again when I exposed the light of day on your brilliant performance in DOMINO. When every one of those arrogant rich Jew fuck bubble boys in their early 80s in Hollywood were looking the other way and not paying you what you were worth. ~ ~ So here is the new deal. Not only am I going to restore your good looks in the first 9 & 1/2 WEEKS, but I AM is also going to restore your own private bank account that once had disappeared into the REV.13:1 British Bermuda Triangle. ~ ~ And the best part is, not even Austin Powers can catch me. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL DOUGLAS: I got your message; looking forward to working with you. ~ ~ PS EVANGELINE: Looks like this year's exotic Montana black spotted coastal cutthroat trout season comes early this year. Due to the warmer low-water level temperature's in the outlet to those two highland Jordan Lakes of Judah and Ephraim, located above Bridal Veil Falls. ~ ~ Don't sweat it. We'll put the heavy as hell 16" cast iron campfire pan inside of Kristen Stewart's backpack. It only takes about one hour tops to climb up the verticle hand-over-fist trail full of roots and boulders. And then later around the campfire, we two can cosy up in our sleeping bags and watch her gently licking the sweaty salt off of her girlfriend's pussy. ~ ~ What? That's a no go? ~ ~ Okay, how about Ellen Page and her CAMPFIRE GIRLS girlfriend? Both big time Canadian mountain girls who love to backpack and get it on around the campfire while frying up pancakes with maple syrup. ~ ~ Talk about having a great time without spending another dime.

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