Friday, April 3, 2015


The abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 began his latest fool's paradise tour in Louisville, Kentucky [WILDCATS] when it got hit by a REV.12 flood and a REV.15 factory wildfire; next stop, SLC, UT. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the NYT splashed his latest fake opra with Iran for their front page splash from the past of his fake birth certificate. Talk about the Jewish bloodline king not wearing any clothes. ~ ~ Ergo, that little bald YANKEES Jew invites Megan Fox up to his phony tourist hotel room to watch some X-Rated SPECTER cable channel television. Because that is the new title of THE SUMMER OF GEORGE James Bond movie. Per the ending of the muffin penis head episode for stupid white Bible Belt christian tourists from Little Rock, ARK. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REALITY NOTES: This typical WND link looks a little bit over the top at first, until one reads down further and the reality of it starts to sink in, at: ~ ~ Kind of like listening to the Rush Limbaugh show for the first time. ~ ~ THE PONY REMARKS: That is the proverbial mysterious unknown "telephone call from Jesus" in the opening sequence of THE PONY REMARK meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets DRUGSTORE COWBOY. ~ ~ Of course, in THE MUFFIN TOPS episode, Jerry Seinfeld plays a predatory wolfman homosexual who shaves his hairy chest and parades around Jew Town in a sundress. ~ ~ Check out this Divinely timed telephone call from Jesus at: ~ ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: If Jen lets me top her off like this, I make her look that young and exciting again. And she doesn't even have to lose one red cent in teenager waitress tip money in the deal. I mean think about it; some underaged waitress catches my eye, I fuck her brains out later at my penthouse; I end up owing her at least two big ones in child support money. At that rate, it is going to make me broke in about 1000 years; give or take. ~ ~ WOODY WOODPECKER NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Woody Norris was going to help me save the mormnon church. And Cameron Diaz would be more then willing to extend him a helping hand if necessary; as in WHATEVER WORKS meets GOLDMEMBER:II. ~ ~ For example, on April Fool's Day, Jesus let me know that if I can lose 34lbs, then I get to co-star in some full budget unrated feature indie film adaptation of me fucking Carey Mulligan and Cara Delevigne on Michael Savages' twin VOLVO tied up in San Francisco Bay, like at: ~ ~ Becoming the new and improved and born again 29ish owner and operator of does have it's privileges. ~ ~ I mean get real; money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ I get that fat Jew pig Harvey Weinstein out of his jam with the sex police, he gets me out of my jam for making underaged girl-sex movies on my 51' sailboat up in Newport, RI in Woody Allen's next film. ~ ~ "You have the distribution, I have the hot young video movie stars of the future." [BOOGIE NIGHTS] Or something like that. ~ ~ Picture this pitch, I have Emma Watson lose around 20 pounds in some kind of a sweaty work-out hard body freak-out movie with lots of zero-body-fat full frontal nudity. And nobody gets to complain about it; not even your aging and overweight and unattractive wife. Just as long as she gets to watch it with her Bette Midler type girlfriends of course, at: ~ ~ Note the enclosed Woody Allen birth date, etc. etc. at: AND:

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