Wednesday, April 22, 2015


In the 1260 days 1996 made movie called ANOTHER 9&1/2 WEEKS, we learn that Elizabeth Hurley died from a love drug overdose after her last lover fucked her in the ass. As just confirmed by PEOPLE's new cover featuring Sandra Bullock. Who also got fucked in the ass by some stranger who God had hired for that very same purpose. ~ ~ Hello Sean Penn. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEINFELD SIGNS: In THE APARTMENT episode, 1991, George asks Jerry, "How does the baldness fit into the plan?" ~ ~ In THE STATUE, Jerry opens the show with a stand up guy type aside for the NYT in 2015; "Have some guts... come out with the truth... just tell people the truth one time." Later, the yellow plastic dish soap bottle represents that clean plate prophecy at that was a stand up joke in THE KING OF COMEDY prophecy about the two witnesses. ~ ~ Note that Will Ferrell shows up at the corner D&C 86 MONKS coffee shop to meet Jerry in a David Letterman jacket from the 1957s. ~ ~ LADYKILLER NOTES: G.H.PHD. jokes about Obama et al blowing the Jewish limousine chauffeur's horn in DANIEL way back before we ever heard anything about Larry Sinclair blowing Barry in the backseat of a limo in north Chicago; during his Christian church gosple choir years. ~ ~ AMBER ALERT NOTES: Darling, sweetheart, I want you to take real good care of " special boy." [Dr.Evil] ~ ~ Oh yeah, that is a disguised Chloe Moretz brunet wig figure who rolls in the breakfast cart in the beginning of 9&1/2 WEEKS. I.e. if my older wives with fake tits don't quite do it for me right now, I can always go to plan B. ~ ~ So what, everyone supposedly gets paid on the back end anyway these days in Hollywood. That's why all of the direct to TV video Internet movie action has moved up to Seattle. Where you can get a few nice big ones in tax free cash up front for your next project; no questions asked. And who gives a flying fuck if the film makes a profit or not. ~ ~ When was the last time that the bald dude in AP:II meets ever showed a profit?.. "It's just all on paper..." [Bill Gates] ~ ~ EXCEPTION TO THE RULE NOTES: Don't expect Miley Cyrus to star in your 27-years-old Janis Joplin biopic plans unless and until you are willing and able to pay her the full six figure amount up front. ~ ~ Something like this only comes along once in a life time, like at: ~ ~ PS HOWARD STERN: I didn't plan it that way, but the first comedians and coffee shop [STARBUCKS] episode that I ever saw the other day was the one about you telling Jerry that it was no fun making TV Internet video movies and shows. ~ ~ Dude, you looked pretty stressed and worn out. Perhaps it's time to take a week or 9 off and go spend some quality time with your much younger hot tall blond wife while scouting out locations in the Seattle area for some kind of a sailboat swingers sex movie about older folks trying to spice up their lagging marriages.

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