Monday, April 20, 2015


That Grand Old Party Republican looking head of FOX, who has a large LADDYKILLERS portrait of MLK JR hanging in his office, and has banned all reporters from talking about Obama's fake birth certificate, is the dying force behind today's newscasts that are about nothing that really matters. ~ ~ See what I mean at: ~ Hence, Jerry jokes in THE APARTMENT episode, 1991, that every year a man from Kenya and a woman from Norway win the NY MARATHON, and there are "20,000 losers". ~ ~ And then in the next week's episode, we see a transfigured Will Ferrell who is married to a Scandinavian socialist theif; him played by a REV.17 woman statue-idol worshiping actor named Michael Conway. ~ ~ Talk about the FRIENDS O CLYDE show that is about nothing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INSIDE BASEBALL NOTES: Seattle's huge grey UFO mother ship landmark, built like a thick concrete WWII bomb shelter, was supposed to last "...a thousand years." [Adolf Hitler] But they blew it up after only 24 years. ~ ~ Think Germany, 1920-1944. ~ ~ The king's station tunnel there being a Providential timeline for the original king's station in London that was featured in the original LADYKILLERS, at: ~ ~ ANTICHRIST NOTES: Obama is not the Antichrist because in 1JOHN 2:18, the Antichrist is a member in good standing of the last days apostate church. And since Obama is not even a christian, he can not be the Antichrist christian who is not even prophecied of in REVELATION or DANIEL, for that matter. ~ ~ I mean, think about it. Could you even imagine an unrepentant homosexual communist like Obama being an active Elder in your church? ~ ~ Ergo, I AM is the one among us who has come to destroy the fake birth certificate church in D&C 86, etc. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the abominable church of the devil people in the BM can't even stand to look me in the eye. Much less even breath a word about me and my true sidekick drinking buddy in public. ~ ~ Think NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN meets THERE WILL BE BLOOD. ~ ~ BASKETBALL MAN NOTES: Note the above episodes' basketball hoop hanging on the wall above the same APPLE computer that I sold to buy me a one-way negro train ticket up to Tacoma in November, 1990. ~ ~ This representing my [long-time-a-coming] big break acting roles in such movies as DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS and SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. And then years later, I make my big comeback in such highly acclaimed films as AN EDUCATION; wherein I play an older man who educates a much younger Carey Mulligan on how to firmly suck on my cock without biting me, like at: ~ ~ CAR NOTES: Call me a crazy jibberish man who sees and hears things that other people do not; but HONDA come out in 2011 with a sporty retro 60s maroon coup that looks like my English sports car in AN EDUCATION. See:

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