Thursday, April 16, 2015

The great thing about Miley Cyrus is that she doesn't need my money. And so I get to cast her in my debut fuck films for only union scale; plus of course an honest gross percentage off the top before expenses. Kind of like me getting 20% of anything that I raise for the United Order credit union. ~ ~ I know, yesterday I said that the credit union of Israel gets 90% of my money; but then God corrected me a few hours later and said they get 80%. ~ ~ Since I'm gonna have some many wives and so much child support payment liabilities. ~ ~ And we're not talking priestcraft here because I am not a priest, or any kind of a religious church office holder/elder. Rather, the one in 2BC:91 becomes the King of England, and not the Pope in Rome. ~ ~ Who works his white race magic from the inside, and not the outside. ~ ~ Where money is the coin of the rhelm. ~ ~ For just an example, at the end of THE LADYKILLERS, the characted named after the lump on my head looks like a more muscular underwear model version of Justin Bieber, per: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ABORTION NOTES: God has revealed unto his prophets among the lost tribes of Israel that, "...abortion is like unto murder." And that parents have a right to kill any child under 13 if they refuse to repent of their drunkeness and homosexuality. ~ ~ Because children are the private property of their parents; and not the state. ~ ~ And if any mother is not teaching her children about repentance and baptism, the father has the right to take them away from her and give them to one of his other blood-sister wives. Since the father is the legal head of the family, and not the mother. ~ ~ Naturally, all of the above sounds like a lot of bullshit if you don't even believe in the lost tribes of Israel in the Old Testament. ~ ~ I know, "That's pretty harsh..." [SHAWN OF THE DEAD] ~ ~ INDIAN MEDICINE MAN NOTES: Indiana got a pancake size comb-over scalp job when he crashed his vintage sports car style WWII plane onto that public golf course in Area Code 310. Which Larry David always made fun of in his CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episodes that were shot in LA. ~ ~ No biggie. It's the easyest thing to do; just sterylize it and stitch it back on. ~ ~ LUCKY U TATTOO NOTES: Yesterday at PISTOL ANNIES I could not believe my luck when I found SEASON 1, EPISODE 1, of SEINFELD, 1989, Taylor Swift time. But when I got back home with it and opened it's soft thin plastic case; there was the wrong one in it from season 2 about [God's] PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE meets CHINATOWN on 5th Avenue. ~ ~ Keep in mind, this was light years before Jerry knew anything about his show becoming a stratosphere phenominum for 9 years; happening inside of stage 9 on the NBC lot in LA. ~ ~ SEE: MEETS: MEETS: ~ ~ Keep in mind, this was light years before 50 SHADES OF GRAY, etc. And the latter future TV video Internet movie poster art work makes him look rediculously younger than he was when he made the physical transfiguration sequel when he was 45, at best.

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