Saturday, April 4, 2015


Okay, I admit it. But I first had to make sure that you yourself understood your own guilty pleasure involvement in the above prophetic SEINFELD episode. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I'm gonna kick your ass. And your wives and girlfriends are going to take their tops off and show me their sexy titties. ~ ~ Just like Jerry does at the end of THE MUFFIN TOPS in that public park area for having sex with strangers on a full moon; just because it feels so good, if nothing else. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SPECTER NOTES: Carey Mulligan's new play from London about me fucking her and her sucking me, which is currently running on Broadway until June 14, is what needs to happen if Harvey Jewstein wants to get out of the born again Christian 666 sex police jail in ISAIAH 42. ~ ~ In other words, having sex with hot women who are way too young for you is the same thing as refusing to serve niggers and queers at your drug store soda fountain somewhere in Alabama during the 19666s. ~ ~ Alas, who really gives a shit anymore; except for perhaps the SEATTLE TIMES and the mormon owned DESERET NEWS in Utah. ~ ~ LEGAL JEW FUCK LAWYER STRATEGY NOTES: How about I have my wife Taylor Swift getting papped while walking out of her swanky shag pad down in the three-way corners Tribeca area holding hands with Mr. MIRAMAX himself. ~ ~ All for show in exchange for him putting her into some kind of an indie film born again movie star union scale sensation situation. ~ ~ Casting is more important than acting, because directing is all about casting. ~ ~ I mean think about it. You cast Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber as her creepy little leprechaun bad boy lover, who thinks that he is the new 1951ish James Dean, possibly because he actually is; you half/have to rent a dump truck just in order to haul away the cash. ~ ~ END TIMES NOTES: The reason why Kenya is being invaded is because their government officials have been hiding Barack Obama's birth certificate; just like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly have been doing.

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