Thursday, May 14, 2015


Tuesday afternoon at 2:09 pm, I had a cat nap flash vision of Bonnie Lake's famous blood moons prophecy author standing next to my Evergreen Drive T location. Wherein he looked at me for a second and then walked away. ~ ~ Then the next day I was surprised to see that I still had a copy of LOST BOYS:III; shot in South Africa. Wherein they try to sacrifice my evergreen 1974 ALFA GTV girlfriend Keira Knightley on a full blood moon. Which was made five years ago, and begins with a 'Five years ago in DC' subhead. ~ ~ This being around the same time when I started to link to various porn clips because I was getting nowhere explaining the true nature of the great church of the whore in 1NEPHI and REV.17, etc. ~ ~ Therefore I was forced to go to plan B and show them what they are actually doing these days in more graphic terms. ~ ~ In other words, the Devil made me do it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DOMINOS NOTES: You may have heard about the salesman who got $50,000 for each word when he told COCA COLA to "bottle it". Well I got two words for you too; "sprinkle it" with virgin olive oil. Probably as an extra-charge topping; in order that your customers are not expecting something more than they bargained for in the flavor department. ~ ~ You might want to sex it up with the use of olive oil marinated in Mediterranean herbs; yada yada. ~ ~ PS MILEY: How about you sail your mint condition classic Hollywood 1960s movie star sail boat into Marseille, France and wreck everything that is going on over at that gay ass Cannes Film Festival, like at: ~ ~ You do this for me, I make you the star of that Janis Joplin biopic that all of those old Jewish men in Hollywood have never had the balls to make in the past 22 years or so... ~ ~ Ah fuck it. Just show up in Seattle sucking on a huge completely legal corncob pipe full of LSD grade weed and we'll call it even. ~ ~ Same deal, same money, same screenplay; but less hassles for me anyway. ~ ~ And don't forget to pack your hiking boots and your fishing pole. ~ ~ SIFF NOTES: The reason why Miley and her girlfriends might want to make the side bar film festival scene in Seattle, instead of say Cannes, is because there is way more tax free money there right now to invest in movies. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~

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