Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The negro train derailment from Philly to Jew Town was about Jerry and Elaine sitting in between Mr.Milk Dud and Mr.Raisonette in the opening to THE ENGLISH PATIENT; post day 1260. ~ ~ Because the reformed fascist New City mayor of Sodom and Egypt went down to meet with the abomination of desolation in DANIEL as the terrifying images rolled on the Internet newspapers. ~ ~ [Let me guess, he's also giving another graduates speech somewhere this month.] ~ ~ Meanwhile, THE GRADUATE's mother just died in confirmation of my TIME TO DIE post. ~ ~ Sorry about that; but you can't be straight and be gay at the same time. ~ ~ There is no such thing as the 'third way' in the long run. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CANNES JURY NOTES: Sienna Miller's tragic dark comedy called CAMILLE was about that Honeymoon Bay landmark north of Miller Lake on Holmes Harbor, directly across from Beverly [Hills] Beach in REV.13:1. Nearby Baby Rock is a REV.17 mother thing. For all of today's modern mothers who don't care if their children are being educated with the perverted values of lesbians, homosexuals, communists, and negros. ~ ~ REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT NOTES: Probably the best thing to do right now is buy up every single listed property that is for sale right now on Lopez Island. Then before you know it, the locals will get the big money picture and approach you to buy them out too; and before you know it we will pretty much own the entire island. ~ ~ Apart from the usual amusing and entertaining eccentric hold outs. ~ ~ Would we want it to be any other way? ~ ~ BALTIMORE APPLECORE NOTES: As of last Monday, police records show that 87 niggers have been killed by other niggers so far this year in Baltimore. And only one nigger was supposedly killed by a cop, who was also black. ~ ~ However, fear not; Clyde Lewis et al are already getting to the bottom of the situation and exposing the evil satanic shadow government forces behind the obviously predictable situation. ~ ~ No wonder almost no one is buying the NYT anymore.

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