Saturday, May 9, 2015


These were the last words that Mr. Byrd said right after takeoff from PEACHTREE, Atlanta in Kenny Kemp's PIPER 32. Because the hearts and minds of the sons of Israel are still frozen unto him at 32°. ~ ~ And because they were going to some college graduation ceremony that represented Natalie Portman's graduation diploma from Harvard in THE SOCIALIST NETWORK meets BYU. ~ ~ Where you can't even get your cock sucked or go down on some hot feminist coed bitch without the threat of getting expelled for immoral sexual harassment fornication. Even though 97 percent of the university faculty voted for that Greek house homosexual who is not even a citizen of the United States. ~ ~ See what I mean to say at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BYA NOTES: I now have enough money in my private non-of-your-business offshore tax free accounts to buy out the bankrupt public library in Provo, Utah; and turn it into my own private ping pong room for THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS at 2bc.into. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ PS DON WILLEY: Act fast now and buy up any and all of the nearby pizza restaurant properties in the surrounding area. Remember, whatever I get you get too; even if you have to form a real estate partnership with Steven Fresh if you need more operating cash. ~ ~ The only thing that I would ask is that you consult me before you finalize any of your menu ideas. ~ ~ You can't expect to compete with a Harvard University or a Yale University if you don't even have a couple of world class pizza and micro-brew joints within walking distance. ~ ~ Let the gold rush begin. ~ ~ AMERICAN DREAMZ NOTES: Last night at 1:22 minutes into the 2006 pre Obama movie, I saw Drew Barrymore's Jewish Arab date from out of nowhere strap on his suicide vest bomb in the men's room; while a negro Obama figure was waiting to get in. ~ ~ Think MISS CONGENIALITY: I&II meets whatever fuck film indie movie that I feel like making for the next ten years. ~ ~ PS KEN KEMP: Your Japanese WW II B-24 audition tape for your picture scrap book is very impressive. Congratulations, you got the job, the money, etc. I'm now thinking about a 12-part PBS channel behind-the-scenes history series about the 12 tribes of Israel that would rival the former civil war series that was broadcast years ago on the same government controlled network. ~ ~ Only this time the southern [Georgia] states of the former Soviet Union are the good guys who win. ~ ~ RELATED RELATIVES LYRICS NOTES: ~ ~

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