Sunday, May 10, 2015


Those two niggers shot that black cop down at the I-59 [May 9] Mississippi crossroads in order to shed more light on Sunday's NYT MAGAZINE cover about the 1/1000 ratio of white police shooting black drug dealers who are constantly shooting each other. ~ ~ Think COMEDIANS DRIVING AROUND IN CARS GETTING COFFEE; 97% of whom voted for the 1290 days abomination of desolation in DANIEL. ~ ~ And would probably do so a third time if given the chance. ~ ~ Talk about the clinical definition of mentally ill liberalism that repeats itself over and over no matter what the result. ~ ~ Guess it's now high time to try a different approach. ~ ~ I mean, get real already. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AMERICAN DREAMZ NOTES: I found a used copy of AMERICAN DREAMZ last year at THE CHECKOUT. But after about ten minutes into it I realized that the time was not right. So after the conservatives were reelected in England, I checked it out again; and was amazed to see the conservative election winner reading THE GUARDIAN left-wing newspaper of London just for the satisfaction of seeing them eat crow. ~ ~ MAY 9 NOTES: That deadly twister in Eastland County's bloody meat cleaver area was for the twisted [sister] Jews on the east coast getting their kicks out of oppressing the white people in Texas. ~ ~ RL NOTES: Long before the present day B&B tourist beach house economy on Whidbey Island, there was a MILLER TIME loggers industry there. ~ ~ Hence, RL's amazing Mother's Day tribute to Sienna Miller. ~ ~ The first thing that I'm gonna do after the niggers go ape shit, and I finally get my off-shore tax-free money, is stop into RL's flagship store with a four of those retro designer shipping trunks that were featured in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO. ~ ~ PS MRS.Z: Calm down, relax, take your time; have a little fun under the sun in the meantime. ~ ~ You and I can get together later and fuck each other all you want after your husband dies and you get to inherit all of his crazy money. ~ ~ Per your own two private prophecy movies entitled SPLITTING HEIRS and KING RALPH, circa 2015. ~ ~ Happy Mother's Day. ~ ~ Hope it's not a problem if I bring along a friend or two, like at: AND: ~ ~

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