Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Bill Murray popped out of that huge cake that Woody Allen owes me by now for the end of the Letterman show, at: ~ ~ WOW!! ~ ~ The invisible holy ghost of Woody Allen was one of David's last special good bye guests. ~ ~ Talk about getting in just under the wire. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSH IS RIGHT NOTES: People who don't listen to Rush Limbaugh are probably not aware that Hillary Clinton is already president. Hence, there is no need for any gay ass election in 2016. ~ ~ Yeah yeah we know already; Obama is still her house nigger inside of the big Greek temple pillars white [fraternity] house plantation mansion in Virginia. ~ ~ PS SANDY: If you could just relax and let me fuck you for a few years, I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make Matthew McConaughey your eternal husband forever and ever. ~ ~ Plus, you get to keep the kids, according to the Word at ~ ~ I mean think about it. I'm a pretty sharp TOMMY BAHAMA meets BANANA REPUBLIC style dresser with the older dude body of an Iggy Pop, post 2015. Who also knows how to cook a mean dish of tortillini in low fat chicken broth and CLUB MED herbs with whole wheat bread rolls for the dipping. Plus, you get to keep 90% of your money, and you no longer have to worry about Hillary Clinton's neo-fascist IRS union thugs in Hollywood who want to steal half of everything that you have worked for all your life. ~ ~ Half of whom are Jews of course. Let's not kid ourselves. ~ ~ REV.15 NOTES: Today's fascistic fixation with a fixed $15 per hour wage is about those KIRO 7 Indian medicine wheel cures in REV.15. which are going to bring back the one buck per hour wage during the days of Joseph Smith. ~ ~ LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW NOTES: Last night on the Clyde Lewis [KING OF COMEDY] show, some humble simple minded working stiff who drives one of those billboard advertising trucks up and down the Las Vegas strip, for minimum wage, said that he saw two ISIS terrorists casing out one of the casinos. Upon which the proverbial typical neo con host laughed him off as if he was some kind of a birther nut calling into the Michael Medved show, per: ~ ~ Note how much the woman in the above clip looks like Jerry Seinfeld's late no nonsense mother in his hit Bill Clinton era 1260 days TV series.

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