Saturday, May 2, 2015


Watch this video of Sean Hannity interviewing a mob witness cop in disguise and you will get sick to your stomach with each new disrespectful Jew media cover-up report about the gangsta thugs who are now in charge of Baltimore, at: ~ ~ Oh yeah, you invest next-to-nothing in some kind of a respectful and artistic Middle America Nazi reality TV Internet show; with lots of surreal wide-angle high-contrast dark-shadow shots; you laugh your guts out all the way to the bank. ~ ~ Think ERASERHEAD meets LOST HIGHWAY down at the crossroads in Mississippi, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ERASERHEADS NOTES: It happens almost every time. Just when I start to think that I AM is a Mr. Knowitall, along comes some new information at: ~ ~ In confirmation of my Miley type girlfriend who also likes it up the ass, like at: ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: You don't know what you are missing if you are not up to casting Ms Montana in that long awaited Janis Joplin movie. ~ ~ You better hurry up, before Quentin Tarantino beats you to the punch. ~ ~ And if he doesn't I will. ~ ~ And here is how I intend to do it. ~ ~ I will find out who is that extremely gifted video camera man behind Jerry Seinfeld's comedians and coffee series; and I will steal him away from right under Jerry's nose for twice the money. ~ ~ You think Seinfeld is pretty rich do you? Guess you never been to King County, Seattle. ~ ~ PS LAURENCE PIERSON: Go tell my two sons that you lied about me, and you tried to poison the well of my royal genealogy line of Israel in the third Da Vinci Code movie now being filmed in Venice. And I let Steven Fresh do anything that he wants to do to you. Per the ending to ANOTHER 91\2 WEEKS in Paris. ~ ~ Just like my back-stabbing Jewish wife Jennifer Anniston does in THE ONE WITH THE JELLYFISH, circa 9.25 1997.

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