Monday, May 4, 2015


A strong one rocked Queenstown, New Zealand's divided ten virgins landmark on the say day that they announced that the new royal baby's name is C/harlot/te in London. For a latter days confirmation that we are now living in the REV.17 era of THE MOTHER OF WHORES. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the niggers continued to run riot over America, the promised land, at: ~ ~ Where it says in the Virgin Islands prophecy IN LIKE OUR MAN FLINT, the order to destroy the (7) Mountain Island comes down as an official "Purple Alert" ~ ~ Since the sons and daughtets of Israel have declared complete 2 NEPHI 8 type "capitulation" to the underground 666 climate change scientists. ~ ~ This being those two dormant volcanos of Judah and Ephraim in the first one that are about to errupt with a violent ferocity and show of [police] force; which we have not seen since the white Christian crusaders came down hard against their black skinned oppressors. ~ ~ "Playtime is over." says Gen. Carter to the ladies in the second one. ~ ~ "Women running the world..." "FORGET IT!!" says our man Flint. ~ ~ Because at the end of the world, the beautiful woman who is adorned in expensive apparel and priceless pearls and gold will be found sitting down on the dirt wearing next to nothing, with no hair on their heads. ~ ~ Kind of like we see today in Africa; where the abomination of desolation prince in DANIEL 10 was born in 1961. ~ ~ Actually in the very same country where the prince of England proposed marriage to the princess of England in an old rustic log cabin on the side of a mountain. ~ ~ Hence, the place where I have been living in Bonnie Lake, Washington all these years looks like a brown wooden cabin; which was built way out in the woods back around 1971. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

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