Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Do you two want to continue to fuck really attractive nice-young-well-educated women for the next 50/50 plus years? Or do you want to be stuck in bed with some old dying bitch who looks like Hillary Clinton until the day you die? ~ ~ At least in the AMERICAN DREAMZ prophecy, they had the presence of mind to cast your third way successor in bed with a still very fuckable Neve Campbell look alike. ~ ~ Say what you will about the Jews; they do know how to make a movie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BERRY: Bored out of your mind already? Wanna have some fun? ~ ~ How about a racy TV reality Internet show from the White House after the shit hits the fan and they can't stop you anymore from doing what feels good to you? ~ ~ Dude, this is me talking. Not one of Hillary Clinton's high priced political advisors who was working for the other side of the fence in the last major landslide Republican Party election. ~ ~ PS CLOONEY: The reason why Brad and Angelina did not attend your satanic wedding to that devil woman is because they have not yet crossed over completely to the dark side. Yeah I know. I was pretty surprised myself. ~ ~

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